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Who We Work With

While we work with a variety of individuals and organizations from a number of industries, our clientele tends to fit a certain profile.  If you're a Winner's Circle Coaching client, you're probably asked to perform in high pressure, high visibility situations which require confidence, focus, and poise. And, more often than not, your performance under those circumstances dictates your income and your level of success.

Some of the professionals we work with most often include:
  • Lawyers – from many different practice areas
  • Financial Services professionals – financial advisors, stock brokers and traders
  • Sales Professionals – high level sales people in real estate, insurance, and mortgage industries
  • Physicians – especially those in leadership or academic roles
  • C-level executives
  • Performing Artists
As a Winner's Circle client, you are willing to commit the time and energy to move your performance from good to extraordinary to unparalleled. You recognize that true champions operate from a position of objective reality and rigorous discipline and are open to self-assessment, honest exploration, clear goal-setting and hard work.

That's not only true for individuals, but companies, too. Winner's Circle Coaching consults to organizations that want to gain competitive advantage in the global economy. Whether the goal is to build high-performance teams, attract and retain top-notch talent, or just to enhance and sustain productivity, Winner's Circle has a program for you.

Are these scenarios familiar to you?
"In order to move up the ladder I will need to be more visible and make my presence known in a powerful way."

"When I'm in a tense situation I forget what I want to say and end up losing my focus."

"If the pressure is on, I get too revved up and can't concentrate."

"Sometimes it's like my emotions control me instead of me controlling my emotions."

"I'm great in a one-on-one situation but get tongue-tied in a group setting."

"When I rehearse what I'm going to do it seems to be fine but it all falls apart when I get into the actual situation."

"When conflict occurs on the team, I don't know how to manage it."

"I find it tricky to focus on both profit and employee development."

"We have a hard time holding on to good talent."

"We seem to have a lot of unhappy workers here."

Organizations call us to help:
Develop a program to nurture and attract top talent.

Improve employee morale and retention.

Get the best out of their teams to improve productivity and profit.

Identify high potential employees and prepare them for promotion.

Do you want:
To perform better than ever (we'll give you the tools)?

An objective and realistic assessment of your strengths and limitations?

Strategies to help you play to your strengths?

To be a powerful and dynamic speaker?

It's worked for others. It can work for you. Call Winner's Circle Coaching for a free consultation today!

For some examples of the people and organizations Winner's Circle has helped, go to Case Studies/Examples.


Attorney Steve E., after attending a seminar at the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education:

I wanted to let you know that your seminar helped me improve my golf game. I have seen a significant change in the way I hit the ball and my overall level of confidence. I have been able to trigger something that is working to improve my game and my attitude. I have much more confidence and my playing partners noticed and commented on the change. I also experienced, as I have very few times before, being "in the zone" where it seems that the ball just sits there waiting to be hit.

I should add that I have read many golf books including Bob Rotella's Golf is Not a Game of Perfect but nothing really hit home as much as the techniques you taught us in your seminar.

I also sense a lower level of anxiety when I am in a difficult professional situation. For example, I was in a very contentious zoning meeting a couple of weeks ago and I actually began to enjoy being the quarterback running the show; I was able to become less reactive to the comments of the public and concentrate on what response would be most effective in the moment.