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About Us

A winning performance is no accident.
It takes training, practice and, yes, some help from others. Namely, your coach.

At Winner's Circle Coaching, we work with professionals from a variety of industries who must function in high-pressure, high-visibility situations. We tailor our coaching and consultation services to meet the needs of individuals whose bread is buttered by how well they perform when the lights are on and it's go-time.

Pamela Enders, Ph.D. founded Winner's Circle Coaching (formerly known as Masterful Performance Coaching) in 2004. A licensed psychologist and performance and executive coach, Dr. Enders has more than a quarter of a century of experience working with corporate executives, attorneys, financial service professionals, insurance professionals, high-level sales professionals, entrepreneurs, bio-tech professionals, physicians, academics, and performing artists.

As part of her practice, she employs techniques developed by sports psychologists (who help elite athletes perform at an optimal level no matter what the competitive circumstances) to work with anyone—lawyers, doctors, sales professionals, entertainers, etc.—who must perform in high-visibility, high-pressure situations.

In addition to her coaching practice, Dr. Enders is an accomplished singer and jazz cabaret performer. She coaches from the unique vantage point of a highly experienced psychologist and a performer who knows first-hand that the techniques she teaches do indeed work. Dr. Ender is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. She also serves on the Board of the Private Sector Network of Inner City Entrepreneurs and is an adjunct professor at Temple University's Beasley School of Law.

Performance Coaching Associates
In addition to Dr. Enders, Winner's Circle Coaching features a broad network of business professionals—including highly skilled coaches and consultants.

Thank you for your wonderful workshop on "How to Manage the Jitters and Become a Powerful Presenter." I thought your presentation was informative, interesting, and relevant. I analyzed the program evaluations that the participants filled out and am happy to report to you that almost all rated the session as "Excellent."

On behalf of everyone present, I thank you and hope that we can bring you back another time in the future!

Rebecca Starr, MBA, MSW
Administrative Director:
Center for Faculty Development, Office for Women's Careers, Office for Research Career Development
Massachusetts General Hospital